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For residents of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming including the US Territory of Guam:

The South African Consulate General
in Los Angeles, CA
6300 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 600
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Tel. (323) 651-0902
Emergency: (323) 244-0360

For residents of Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont West Virginia, British Virgin Islands, St Martins, Bermuda and Cayman:

The South African Consulate General
in New York City
845 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10022
Tel: (212) 692-2401
Cell: (917) 200-8396
Emergency: (929) 698-0052

For residents of Alabama, Arkansas, District of Colombia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa,Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma,Texas, Virginia, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Wisconsin:

The South African Embassy in Washington, DC
3051 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20008
Tel: (202) 232-4400
Emergency: (202) 413-1953

Schedule of Fees (US$)


Visas and Temporary Residence Permits

Port of Entry/Visitor's Visa $ 36.00
Transit Visa $ 36.00
Visa to Attend Business Meetings (90 days or less) $ 36.00
Visa to Conduct Research $ 36.00
Visa for Spouse of a South African Citizen or Permanent Resident - Section 11(6)   NO FEE
Study Visa $ 36.00
Treaty Visa $ 36.00
Medical Visa $ 36.00
Retired Person's Visa $ 36.00
Business Visa (More than 90 days) $ 127.00
General Work Visa $ 127.00
Intra-Company Transfer Work Visa $ 127.00
Critical Skills Work Visa $ 127.00
Corporate Visa   NO FEE
Exchange Visa $ 36.00

Passports and Travel Documents

Child Passport $ 67.00
Emergency Travel Certificate $ 12.00
Identity Document (first issue of 16 year old application)   FREE
Identity Document (first issue older than 16 years and replacement) $ 12.00
Maxi Passport $ 133.00
New Passport $ 67.00
Replacement of Emergency Travel Certificate $ 38.00
Replacement of Lost/Damaged/Stolen Passport - DOUBLE current fee    

Civic Services

Amendment to Birth Register $
Reissuing Birth / Death / Marriage Certificate $
Birth Certificate / Abridged Death / Marriage (First Issue Unabridged) $ FREE
Change of Major's Forename (Adult) $ 12.00
Change of Forename or Surname (Minor) $ 6.00
Application by a major to assume a different surname $ 27.00
Permanent Residence $ 127.00
Confirmation of Permanent Residence $ 8.00
Retention of South African Citizenship $ 25.00
Letter of Confirmation of Marital Status $ 4.00
Retrospective Exemption from Loss of South African Citizenship  $ 25.00 
Change of Major's Forenames in birth register- insertion details $ 12.00
Duplicate Confirmation of the Change of a Major's Forenames/Surname
Issuing of Duplicate Citizenship Certificate $


Fees must be paid in postal money order or certified bank check payable to SACG (if application was submitted to any of the three Consulates General in the USA) or South African Embassy (if application was submitted to the South African Embassy in Washington, DC). The postal money order or certified bank check must be made out with the exact amount as no refunds will be made. Cash and personal check payments are not accepted.

Mailing Fee (Subject to Change)

Please check with the respective Mission for the correct mailing fee.

Los Angeles, CA applicants:

Please note that from 20 July 2011, the Consulate-General Los Angeles will no longer accept mailing/postage fee from applicants in order to return documents.

  • Applicants must enclose a self-addressed, pre-paid courier envelope at the time of application for documents issued locally (such as temporary passports and emergency travel certificates, visas and permits) to be mailed to applicants, and
  • The applicant's name and address must be indicated as both the sender (return address) and receiver (addressee) on the prepaid courier envelope. All courier envelopes/labels must have a tracking number.

Washington, DC applicants:

The South African Embassy in Washington DC will no longer accept $16.00 fee but prepaid envelope from FedEx and USPS with tracking number with immediate effect to facilitate return services.   

New York, NY Applicants:

The South African Consulate General in New York will no longer accept $16.00 money orders for mailing effective 1 November 2015. Applicants are welcome to enclose a self-addressed, pre-paid courier envelope for this office to facilitate return services.